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Often compared to the Javanese thrill of G-Land, our home break is a friendlier version of the infamous left-hand reef break. Not to be outshone by Java, we have endlessly long walls, multiple take off spots and challenging bowl sections to amaze. T-land can get moody and even feisty at lower tide, and toss the overzealous into an MMA style lip-launch. Adrenaline is served here. Like a colossal point break, T-land is broken up into a quartet of take-off zones, each with their own character. On occasion, they all connect brilliantly but, for the most part they provide a delightful variety of wave character. T-land distinguishes itself as one of the most consistent breaks anywhere in the world, almost always four foot and over, breaking on any tide. Best of all, 90 per cent of the time you will enjoy an offshore breeze. You have to love the trade winds. If you're looking for some unchartered territory and exploration, come with us to discover waves that desperately need to be ridden. (lead to next page)

Sucky Mamas Right hand barrel machine

Our dining room photo wall, prominent with guests trimming deep right hand barrels at Suckies, says it all. Suckies is a right-hand barrel photo op. Best on an early morning boat ride; Sucky Mamas is nothing if not moody. She can be frivolous and sweet, a delight at three to five foot. At six to seven foot, with the tide moving, she goes Hawaiian style; all at once you feel fully mortal.

As always, ask and you shall receive: we can educate you on the fine art and history of the legendary Sucky Mamas. A truly unforgettable wave, reached easily by boat with a Malole guide.

Bo’a Long, right hand speed barrel

Bo’a is a long right break with a steep takeoff and challenging down-the-line wall. Hide behind a curtain of oceanic turquoise and feel the world slow down as you take a trip to the green room.

With a long reef out front, and an almost point-like setup, Boa operates best with mid-tide, but can be surfed on any tide. Like many Rote right hand breaks, early and late season favors Bo’a, but backed-off trade days can mean glory for this right hander. Known for breaking boards, surf leashes and anything that gets in its way, this can often be a heavy wave. There are beautiful opportunities and consequences.

Do’o Uncrowded right hand dream

A dream wave right-hander can be found on Do’a Island. Catch it on a six-foot swell on the right tide-wind-swell combo and you are in tall cotton; pure heaven. A candidate for early or late season ventures, Do’a is boat access only. Of course, we know the secret combo to catching this wave on an epic mood. Be sure to ask us about the inside reef; consequences abound. This is for the expert surfer only. All others will have to make-do with the scenery of an uninhabited island shaded in palms.

The Bommie A big bombing right

A low-tide, right hander, the Bommie leaps up on the right side of the channel to Nemberla. The Bommie packs a thrilling take-off and quick run-down-the-line for those seeking a break from backside carves. Of course, Nemberala is usually the choice for those shopping for the six or eight bottom turn wonder.

Learners Softer, mellower perfection

For easy riders, aspiring long board surfers and SUP drivers. Learners can be a lot of fun and provides a Waikiki-like set up with long rides into the picturesque Nemberala Bay. On the right tide, Learners can do a fine job educating young and old in the fine art of Board Riding. An excellent option for the days when Nembrala is pumping a bit too much water for your liking.