Often compared to the Javanese thrill of G-Land, our home break is a friendlier version of the infamous left-hand reef break. Not to be outshone by Java, we have endlessly long walls, multiple take off spots and challenging bowl sections to amaze. T-land can get moody and even feisty at lower tide, and toss the overzealous into an MMA style lip-launch. Adrenaline is served here. Like a colossal point break, T-land is broken up into a quartet of take-off zones, each with their own character. On occasion, they all connect brilliantly but, for the most part they provide a delightful variety of wave character. T-land distinguishes itself as one of the most consistent breaks anywhere in the world, almost always four foot and over, breaking on any tide. Best of all, 90 per cent of the time you will enjoy an offshore breeze. You have to love the trade winds. If you’re looking for some unchartered territory and exploration, come with us to discover waves that desperately need to be ridden. (lead to next page)