For those who are not up to surf, we can cultivate your days to your liking. If you’re a surf in the morning, explore in the afternoon type, we’ve got you covered. If you surf all day with no rest until evening, we’re here for you. If you don’t surf, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Rote’s rural Indonesian atmosphere and sparsely populated coastal villages make a delightful backdrop for a wide range of water sports, exploration and trekking activities.

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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

  • Our clear turquoise water is filled with abundant fish and coral. Explore what lies beneath with our snorkel gear or go out on a diving expedition to go deeper in the Indian Ocean.


  • Fisherman, may we advise you that these island channels are, for the most part, unexploited by sports fisherman. This should be inspiration enough for the intrepid sportsman to book one of our boat charters out to fish Rote’s offshore islands. Each of these small gems offers an intriguing venue for trolling, bottom fishing opportunities and spear fishing.
  • While the world of sport fishing is full of melancholy “should have been here yesterday” fables, our expert guide can assure you of the very best chance of landing some serious good eating. A good day can yield a bonanza of delicious prey. Our guests catch many of the sashimi quality Spanish mackerel and Tuna, as well as a BBQ bounty of Travels and Barracuda. Maria, our Argentine chef would be delighted to serve up, “Argentine style,” your catch of the day.

Island Exploration

  • Guided Day Tour: An island tour inside a comfortable car will take you to places you cannot find on your own, spots that are known only to in-the-know locals, worthy of a camera, good company and a Bintang.
  • Bicycling: Our bevy of bicycles are awaiting your legs to take them through the village roads and up into the island for sweeping views and isolated white sand beaches.
  • Motorbiking: If you’re keen to take a more motorized approach to your exploration, contact us for a rental scooter and drive off into the sunset.
  • Quaint village roads allow for easy exploration. There is much fun simply touring the narrow, quiet one-lane roads that curve through the small beachside villages. Park your bike and kick off your sandals; around every corner is a new lagoon to discover.


  • See more of the beaches and bays with a bird’s eye view. Rocky headlands provide picturesque photo opportunities and a new perspective.


  • An adventure all its own, few things compae to the feeling of sailing in the tropics. With the steady trade winds, sailing on our 34 foot Warram Catamaran is a once in a lifetime experience.

Kite Surfing

  • The trade winds that groom our perfect surf also serve another purpose: filling your kite and propelling you across the Southern tip of Rote. Kite boarders will find their paradise on a three kilometer strip of sand known as “Kite Beach”, with daily 18-24 knot winds throughout the regular dry season.

Ikat textile shopping

  • Nusa Tenggara is considered birthplace of Ikat textile-arts. Here on Rote, you will frequently see a wide variety of shawls and sarongs and blankets among the townspeople. Most of which are intricately hand weaved. Keep in mind that the island is very private (non-commercial); consequently, it is often difficult to source a store or salesperson offering these wares. As such, be sure to ask our staff where you can see a good selection of these one-of-a-kind hand spun crafts.