-Spring wetsuit, especially in the month of July to September, the trade winds can get chilly

-Surf equipment: your every day small board will do it, but it is also a good idea to bring a big board as the T-land can get pretty big on a good swell

-Snorkeling gear

-First-aid kit (we have our own but you are welcome to bring yours)

-Sun protection

-Reef booties

-Movies (tv and dvd available)

-We have books and games available for flat days but you are invited to bring your own.

-Malaria: As every island in Indonesia, Malaria is present, although the chances of contracting it throughout the traditional surf season (May- October) are small since in the dry season there are hardly any mosquitoes at all. All rooms have mosquito nets and are sprayed daily by our housekeeping staff. Also we recommend all guests take preventive measures like mosquito repellent and long sleeved shirt at night with similar long pants.

-Power is 240 w. wall sockets standard Indonesian two prong round pin

-Bring Rupiahs for your extra expenses, there are no money changing facilities or ATM available on the island. Please visit an ATM in Kupang.

The balance of the bill can be paid in Rupiah or USD. (Take in consideration that Indonesian Banks don’t accept US bills older than 1999, and we will not accept them either)