One of our favorite hotels in all of Indonesia was built by surf legend Felipe Pomar and it’s run by his business partners Diego Arrarte and Maria Pineiro. It’s a surf lodge that blends comfort, cuisine and style better than anywhere else in Rote. The four rooms are set in a large wooden house and guesthouse with accent lighting, day beds, ikat bedspreads, limitless laundry and bottled water, and security boxes. Diego, the longest-tenured expat in Nemberala, will make sure you get to the right waves at the right time via the house boat. Maria, the chef, presides over a sublime international seafood kitchen, carves fresh sashimi, bakes fresh bread, and blends spectacular soups and curries. Mountain bikes, fishing trips and island excursions are also on offer. They have a satellite wi-fi feed and a level of comfort and elegance that feels effortless (it isn’t) and belies its extremely remote location. Closed during the wet season.

Lonely planet

Maria and Diego,

Everything has been fantastic. Great food, no make that exceptional good. Great staff and the kitchen and boat guys. Great Place, but most importantly you went out of your way to make everything easy and enjoyable for all and theres a very good chance we’ll be back.

All the best for the future

That was a fast month! Thank you so much for everything. I had a blast (again). This is becoming a habit! Maria and Diego I think your broth wonderful people and have a wonderful thing going. This is an amazing place.

Aloha, Wayne

A little piece of paradise! With an angel that cooks! Thanks for a great vacation and the surf.


A truly special trip, once again. Great surf, amazing food and fantastic vibe. Thank you for your effort and hospitality.

Can’t wait to come and visit again

Wow! What a good trip. Good waves, great food and overwhelmingly friendly service. I love the place. Thanks Diego and Maria for your friendly service right from the booking stage and prep stage to the very end. You made everything so easy.


August 2013

Diego, Maria and the legendary staff,

Thanks for the time and bloody awesome food. The facilities, service and food is NOT what I’ve ever experienced on 20 years of Indo Surf trips. It BLEW me away. SO SO SO GOOD! I’ll be back one day!


Fantastic home-like atmosphere. Great hosts, friendly, caring, good conversation, great food, lovely environment, comfortable rooms! Great barbecue!

Especially great chocolate mousse!

We travel with expectations, hoping everything is going to be perfect. Perfect waves, delicious and plentiful food, comfortable accommodation and friendly, helpful staff. Those expectations aren’t always met but here at Malole it is as good as it gets. Thanks Diego, Maria and the staff for your hospitality and help. And thanks Indian Ocean for delivering the swell. We will return.

Tom + Siti, Bonsai Bungalows


Dear Malole Surfhouse (&yoga retreat),

For the first time in 32 years of marriage I am happy to be married to a SURFER! It’s a MIRACLE! A short poem about Rote:

Pigs might not fly,
but in Nemberala, wanders never cease,
Come on, where else in the world do you find happy pigs on a beach.

Happy wife! Happy life!

To Maria, Diego and staff,

A heartfelt thank you to the Malole Surf House, a trip never to be rivaled. Great waves, even greater food. Thank you Maria for the last night ravioli and the secret recipe. Big thanks, to Okto for the tomato mission. And a special thanks to the girls for cleaning up after us, never a fun job. I really look forward to returning, even though it makes me sad to leave. A truly awesome time.

PS Diego, I would make an excellent surf school instructor OR Maria I would be a useful Sous chef.

I don’t want to leave!!

Ken & Wiggy

Sheer bliss!! Thank you Maria for all the awesome meals. Diego for all your help with our Rumah. I’ve had the best time, you guys feel like family. We like you so much we think we will build a house next to you. See you in September, take care.

Lots of love

Maria- chef of the gods- blessing to all. And Diego is probably a good guy because she chose him.

Mahalo, Robin

Malole is truly a relaxing place- the BEST holiday I’ve had in along time.

Fantastic view from the upstairs bedroom. Comfy king size bed and 2 day beds that make you want to lounge in bed all day.

Maria’s cooking is really the highlight of my stay. Fish that tastes like it rolled in with the waves, minutes before being cooked, fresh salads, tempting desserts.

I had the best time and will definitely be back!

Thanks, thanks thanks!


It’s pretty rare when you have a great holiday and then return to find it even better. This is my third trip and everything has been the same or better! I would like to apply for lifetime membership.I hope I can one day enjoy the same hospitality in Australia.

Many many thanks

My highlights/memories (in no particular order)…

  • the piglets on the beach
  • the curve of the water drawing off the reef
  • the attentive and friendly staff
  • the big red disc on the horizon
  • the flitting bats at dusk
  • the lights of the squid boats
  • the desserts (oh… my… god…. the desserts!)
  • the conversations
  • the pre-dawn roosters
  • the warm traders rattling the palms
  • the white knuckle climb up the light tower and the view
  • the turquoise high tide
  • the distant roar of a goal
  • the calm.

Many thanks Maria and Diego for a great holiday.

Another Year, good waves and good times. Can never fault the place, so hoping to be back. Many more years to come.

See ya in 2014

Maria and Diego,

Malole Surf House is a piece of Paradise!! Fantastic food, wonderful waves, superb swimming… very relaxing atmosphere.

We will return!!!